Tips for shopping in Hoi An

Friendly shoe makers in Hoi An

350 shops in Hoi An

More than 100 shoe shops, more than 250 tailors, how to chose? From the outside, all the shops look alike. (partly due to UNESCO regulations)

On the shelves, its the same again, everyone copies everything!

So how to chose?




To avoid

Most tour guides and hotels will tell you that they know a good shop. In fact, It's always because this particular shop hands out a good commission. Consequence: You will pay 30 to 40 % higher for all your purchases.


To Negotiate

Negotiating is part of the game however there is a limit, most shops will downgrade the quality of the lining and the finishings if you negotiate too much. Be vigilant! Cheap may mean expensive if you need to fix your purchases while back home.


Here is what you can negotiate easitly:

- The 3% that most shops charge for using a credit card.

- Additional laces for your shoes

- Free stiching to reinforce the shoes, glue being insufficient

- Negotiation margin advised: 20% for a normal shop

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